Daily Regularity 60

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Purify™ Daily Regularity is an advanced, non-stimulant, formula that provides gentle and effective support for occasional constipation. Unlike formulas that rely exclusively on heavy minerals or difficult to digest fiber, the ingredients in Purify™ work synergistically for a comfortable experience. Natural plant extracts are ideal for daily regularity support as they work with the body’s mechanisms to promote the efficient movement of food through the digestive tract.

Prune extract is a dual action ingredient that provides bulk to the stool and can decrease transit time through the intestines

The insoluble fiber in prunes also provides food for “good” bacteria that support the cells within the colon.

Senna leaves are a laxative used to support occasional constipation.

Chamomile extract is a powerful digestive relaxant that has also been shown to support natural anti-inflammatory processes within the body.

Additional complimentary ingredients like Fennel Extract, Ginger Extract, and Peppermint oil offer soothing, non-stimulant support for regularity.

The colon is also known as the large intestine. When food doesn’t move efficiently through the colon, occasional constipation occurs. The colon is home to billions of good bacteria that promote a healthy balance within the body.

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