Anxiety Detox Package

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     Did you know that much of the Anxiety people experience is due to digestive and endocrine challenges? You might be surprised to hear that anxiety is not the mysterious, out of our control problem that it is commonly presented to be. It has several common causes, all of which can be improved through natural means.

     Your gut is your second brain. As a matter of fact, whatever goes on in your intestinal tract will directly affect your mental state for better or for worse. In todays society, intestinal microbial organisms run rampant without much thought given to addressing it. Parasites , bacteria, fungus and viruses all assault our immune systems on a daily basis, and inevitably some might succeed in making it past our natural immune barriers. When these microbes form cultures in the gut, one of the most common results will be neurological disturbances.

     These pathogens interfere with our ability to produce and perceive the needed hormones and neurotransmitters our systems produce. They also cause inflammation and digestive disturbances in the GI system, particularly the small intestine. Most individuals experiencing chronic anxiety have this situation taking place without their being aware of it, while it contributes to their condition undetected. Our anxiety Detox Package contains some of the most proven and effective herbal blends to help rid the body of common gut microbes. This has historically been one of the most effective ways to obtain relief from chronic anxiety.

     The other side of the anxiety coin is a person's Adrenal function. Your adrenal glands produce energy, feel good hormones, and also alarm you when danger is afoot. When they become fatigued by poor diet, life stress, and environmental chemical exposure, they fail to produce your "feel good" chemicals, and misfire a constant signal of alarm.  This imbalance is very common and contributes to chronic anxiety. Our Anxiety Detox Package contains formulas which help bring the Adrenal Function up to standard while also helping the body filter out some of the toxins which contribute to their fatigue. 

All the formulas in our Anxiety Detox Package work together to benefit the body in a comprehensive way. This health program has proven effective at ridding the body of its undetected burdens which sap your functionality and enjoyment of life. This is best employed with a non-processed clean diet. Anxiety Package bonus: Call to set Health Coaching session for just $40.00. Half the regular fee.  

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