28 Day Cardio Focus, Targeted Cardiovascular Nutritional Kit- NuMedica

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Targeted Cardiovascular Support, 28 day supply nutrition Kit

CoQ-Clear® 100 Ubiquinone
• Patent-pending crystal-free CoQ10 for highest absorption*
• Support for cardiovascular health*
• Support for energy-based health needs*
• Refreshing citrus flavor

Mag-Plex Ultra™
• Muscle, nerve and energy support*
• Support for the maintenance of blood glucose levels*
• Featuring the highly absorbable mineral chelates, magnesium from Albion® Minerals (TRAACS®)*

Methyl B-12 HP™
• Supports healthy homocysteine levels*
• Support for a healthy nervous system*
• Featuring active methylcobalamin

Each Program Contains:

CoQ-Clear 100 Ubiquinone, 60sfgl


Mag-Plex Ultra™, 120c


Methyl B-12 HP™, 60loz


Program guide


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