GI Recovery Drink Mix

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GI Recovery
The Digestive System is core to our health. When it has been assaulted with antibiotics or other aggressive medications, it is important to restore its normal function quickly.

GI Recovery is an innovative drink mix designed to help reset the body's digestive system, boost the microbiome, and promote improved energy, muscle growth, and total body wellness.

Prebiotics are well known for their ability to promote healthy bacterial growth. Prebiotics are most often non-digestible, but fermentable dietary fibers. These compounds can act as a fertilizer for the healthy bacteria in the gut.

Enzymedica's GI recovery is a next generation prebiotic formula. It contains an incredibly wide range of diverse prebiotic compounds that support, promote, and nourish microbiome diversity.

Natural Superfoods
Ohtaka Superfood Blend: This blend is a uniquely crafted blend of 50 superfoods, including fruit and vegetable powders. These ingredients are fermented from natural plant material sourced from fertile farms in Japan and Italy. They contain an unprecedented amount of beneficial compounds that provide nourishment for the microbiome.

  • 50 superfoods flood the microbiome with nourishment to help reset and bring balance to your digestive system.

Key Nutrients for Digestive Health

  • L-Glutamine gives fuel for cells along the GI tract, promoting energy, gut function, and muscle growth to support recovery from digestive distress.
  • Organic Gum Acacia provides unique prebiotic fibers that support regularity and keep the digestive system moving efficiently.
  • Galacto-Oligosaccharides help establish a healthy microbiome.

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