Immune Stim Package

$ 195 $ 250

Our Immune Stim Package is a group of carefully selected formulas with unique capabilities. These specific supplements have proven to be the most stand out and effective in each of their specific immune genres. They synergize together in order to cover all bases of Immune System function, from nutritional support, to anti-microbial defenses, and even to immune system tuning and activation.


-Vitamin C and Vitamin D3- Both present in their most bioavailable forms. C and D are the two most essential nutrients for proper immune function. Required for your immune system to stave off fatigue and properly identify microbial threats.


-Immune Max- A uniquely blended immune system formula containing vitamins, minerals and Elderberry. Elderberry is a unique botanical support which helps bolster immune function.


-Life-Immune contains powerful systemic enzymes which locate and destroy Viruses on contact anywhere in the body. These Biologically active proteins activate outside the digestive system, meaning they can travel through the bloodstream or lymph system in order to track down and destroy viruses. 


-Immuno PRP Spray- A specially harvested Colostrum formula. Colostrum acts as and Immune System Information Update, keeping your immune system tuned and active. Colostrum allows your Immune system to achieve heightened alertness to any microbial threats. It acts as a genetic overwrite the same way that an electronic update improves the function of a computer.


-Nucleo Immune- A blend of nucleotides and botanicals which up-regulate the immune system AND help with Immune cell maturation and life cycle. The Nucleotides and Beta-Glucans contained are the most potent available to ensure your active immune cells are produced in both quality and quantity.


Our Immune Stim Package is available in two versions, the comprehensive full Package containing all six formulas described above, and the Lite Version , containing the following three formulas :Life-Immune, Life D3, and Immuno PRP Spray.

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