Reduce 90

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Reduce contains a proprietary enzyme blend, GlucoreductaseTM, which combines simple sugars to form a soluble fiber.* This fiber serves as a food source for the beneficial microflora in the intestinal tract, and will not contribute to the rise of glucose.*

Taken with a carbohydrate rich meal, Reduce works in the digestive system to reduce the amount of absorbable sugar, therefore dramatically reducing the conversion of carbohydrates to glucose.* Working with our body’s own natural metabolic process, this in turn may safely reduce glucose levels in the blood and lessen the demand for insulin production.* This unique formula is enhanced with natural ingredients - cinnamon, zinc, and chromium - for support of healthy glucose regulation.*

30 Ct. or 90 Ct.

Recommended Usage

1 capsule right before bed. For a therapeutic effect, 1 capsule 3 times a day on an empty stomach. More can be taken as needed (up to 6 per day).

Reduce was formulated to slow absorption of dietary sugars and enhance absorption of glucose into the cells.* Combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle, Reduce may help maintain blood sugar levels already within a normal range and support a healthier quality of life with increased energy.*

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