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Learn How to take control of your life and obtain boundless energy! Experience lasting relief from debilitating chronic conditions using natural effective methods.


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Experience newfound energy and vitality with the help of Harvey Diamond! Unlock your Body's potential for feeling great by optimizing your diet and nutrition.

Living Without Pain is an amazing tool which can teach you how to eat in a way that allows your body to find
relief from long standing challenges, achieve new lasting vitality and increase your functionality and health. Included with the package are the food combining chart, as well as inspirational stories and Harvey Diamond DVDs to further assist you on your journey!

Harvey Diamond's Dietary principles, along with food combining chart and the education contained in the package are invaluable tools helping you achieve your health goals!

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The Pain Media package includes:

1 Living Without Pain Book
1 Food Combining Chart
1 DVD Inspirational Stories or CD Beware the Cashectomy or Conversation with Harvey







Fruit, Friend or Foe

October 24, 2018

FRUIT: FRIEND OR FOE? Life is full of ironies. Some are so peculiar as to make reasonable thinking people scratch their heads in bewilderment. Over the last 40 years during which I have been studying the principles of good health there is one irony that is so bizarre it has made me scratch my head almost to the point of bleeding. How in the name of all that is life giving could the one food on the planet that has the greatest potential for good over any other in the human diet, have developed such a totally unjustified, inaccurate reputation? All too frequently there are those who manage to be educated far beyond their intelligence and so they wind up...

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