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Harvey Diamond Legacy
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We are sad to report that our friend Harvey
Diamond passed away on May 7th. He battled
complications of Agent Orange and finally
succumbed to the disease. He was at peace with
himself and his journey. Up to the end Harvey was
witty, thoughtful, and in good humor. His impact
on millions of readers will be felt for decades to come.

If you have been impacted for the good by his
writings, please share your story with us at


Harvey requested that if anyone wanted to
support one of his favorite charities they can by clicking here:

Harvey Diamond is one of the most celebrated and successful health authors in history - certainly one of today's truly great health thinkers.
He has been studying and teaching the principles of healthful living
for 40 years and is recognized as one of the most effective and well-
respected authors on the subject of health in the world. He is considered to
be one of the original pioneers credited with helping shift people toward a
healthier eating lifestyle.
Owing to his forward thinking, innovative approach to health and well
being his FIT FOR LIFE books have sold over 13 million copies in 33
languages and are read in over 80 countries. He has helped literally millions
of people worldwide to not only dramatically improve their health, but also
to overcome serious, catastrophic disease, including cancer.
The original FIT FOR LIFE book was only one of four books to sell
2 million hardcover copies in the entire decade of the 1980s and was fourth
in total U.S. non-fiction sales in that decade. The book continued to break
records in the 1990s, is still in high demand on Amazon, and still sells
50,000 copies a year worldwide. It held the #1 position on the prestigious
New York Times Bestseller list for an unprecedented 40 consecutive weeks,
and held bestseller status in USA Today, Time Magazine, the Los Angeles
Times Book Review, Publishers Weekly and the San Francisco Chronicle
Review, to name only a few. In 1986 it achieved the coveted position on the
Publisher's Weekly Top 25 Bestselling Books in Publishing History List,
along with "Gone with the Wind" and the Bible.
During this time, Harvey made multiple appearances on Oprah
Winfrey, Larry King, Phil Donahue, Nightline, Geraldo Rivera, Merv
Griffin, The Regis and Kathy Lee Show, Good Morning America, The
Today Show, Sally Jesse Raphael, QVC, Pat Robertson's 700 Club and
many others. Introducing his appearance on ABC’s Nightline with Ted
Koppel, it was stated that his book was the fastest selling book of its kind in
history. In 1989 informal research by The New York based Saatchi and
Saatchi found that for every one person who had purchased FIT FOR LIFE,
five additional people potentially were affected. Another informal survey in
the 1990s revealed that approximately 65% of American adults had at least
heard of FIT FOR LIFE.
FIT FOR LIFE spawned juice and salad bars, fruit sellers on the
streets of New York, and the juicing industry; at one point causing demand
to exceed production for a major juicer manufacturer. It was a pivotal force
in the advent of the natural food supermarket and the explosion of natural
food consumption nationwide. Newsweek Magazine attributed, at least in
part, an 11% increase in vegetable consumption and a 7% increase in fruit
consumption to the FIT FOR LIFE phenomenon. The book was a trigger
for Surgeon General Koop's New Dietary Guidelines for the American
people and launched a nutritional awakening in the United States and other
Western countries.
In a stunning validation of his methods, Harvey triumphed over a
devastating condition called Peripheral Neuropathy, brought on by Agent
Orange poisoning while serving his country in Vietnam. Although he has
significant lingering damage to his musculature, thanks to his considerable
understanding of the human body and its proper care, he is one of the longest known survivors of this devastating condition to still be walking around on
his own without assistance. Despite his physical challenges Harvey is as
positive, upbeat, and good natured a person as you will ever meet. He is an
inspiration to all who meet him.
A primary reason for Harvey Diamond's phenomenal success lies not
only in his ability to simplify seemingly complicated subjects with common
sense information that helps people, but it is also his engaging writing style.
His style is conversational and totally non-technical. In his words, "I don't
write for doctors and scientists, I write for folks. You won't need a
dictionary by your side in order to understand what you read."
His words seem to come alive and jump right off the page at you. His
reader-friendly, light-hearted, frequently humorous approach to writing
make many a reader comment that, "It's almost as though he's sitting in your living room having a conversation with you.



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