“Anyone who knew Harvey Diamond knows of his unwavering commitment to helping heal the ills of humankind. Those of you who are dealing with health questions of any kind owe it to yourselves to read and listen to these final books from my friend.”

                                                  ---Anthony Robbins

 Foreword quote from Tony Robbins   in BEYOND FIT FOR LIFE. My experience with Harvey Diamond was as distinctive and
unique as any in my life... One thing we both agreed on and came to appreciate is the following. To truly feed your spirit, remember this: The secret to
living is giving. No matter how busy or broke you may be, you still
have something to offer others. So many people miss the opportunity
to realize how their life makes a difference—but it does. Your life
matters— and if you align yourself with the truth that you are not
here just to “get”.... but to give, then other people will feel your
authenticity and they will open up to you.
When you give back to other people and your community, it
reminds you of what you’re made for..........

 The bottom line—just think about how you can help people, be a lighthouse,
be an uplifting influence in someone’s life. Conditioning nowadays
would have you believe that your fulfillment will come by taking, but
I hope that Harvey’s message will open your mind to the great farce
this has proven to be. If my dear friend Harvey could leave behind
one thing for the world, it would be the unassailable belief that when
you do good to others, you do the BEST to yourself.
—Tony Robbins

“Our Life on this glorious planet is an ongoing journey of discovery of ourselves and our surroundings. When you proceed on this magnificent journey in a healthy mind and body that is operating at optimum efficiency, the road before you is made smooth and your life becomes a joyous song of gladness.  This is the glory of vibrant health.”  -Harvey Diamond



Woody Harrelson


“I became vegan on January 1, 1990… But I was going on instinct and really did not know what I was doing until my brother discovered a book, sitting on my book shelf called FIT FOR LIFE... he had me read it and it began the foundation of knowledge of why being vegan makes sense... Harvey Diamond was the first person to awaken in me the larger meaning, the big picture, both in my personal as well as in the planet's physiology ... I am forever indebted to him... he impacted millions and I am lucky to be one of them...”


Letter from Woody to Montel Williams “For nearly 15 years I have been an avid fan of his (Harvey’s) work which has helped me, and many people I know, achieve our health goals.  Simply put, this man is a walking storehouse of health knowledge and has some very important information to share. Harvey is an amazing guy with an amazing story to tell who will be a real inspiration….