The VP Nutrition Difference:
VP Nutrition offers a range of high-quality, efficacious dietary supplements. We utilize the research and proven programs of those who have made it their life's work to discover the keys to support the body's continual striving toward optimum health.

For You: We Manufacture to the Highest Quality Standards:
All of our Feeling Fit For Life products are manufactured to the highest quality standards in a GMP, NSF, and ISO-certified facility. That way, you always know that what's in the bottle is exactly what's on the label -- nothing more and nothing less. We will continue to offer knowledge, programs and products that support a healthy lifestyle. We believe in the need to bring an accurate understanding of the living energy of whole food to a world that is starving for healthy alternatives to mainstream teachings.

Your Needs Become Our First Priority:
At VP Nutrition, we never forget about you, our loyal customers. We listen, we care, we provide solutions. Call us today at 1-877-335-1509 or 941-966-9727 (9am - 5pm EST). Our friendly and helpful nutritional staff is here for you.

For You: We Formulate For Efficacy:
Because we want our products to work, VP Nutrition doesn't cut corners. Many other companies use enzyme products with a single enzyme formulation (i.e., only a single protease enzyme is in the formula and while it may have high units what it can break down is very limited), our Feeling Fit for Life plant enzyme products feature our exclusive Active-Blend Formula.. This means our products are formulated with multiple protease, lipase, etc: enzymes blended to be active in the varying pH ranges found throughout the human digestive tract and are able to break down numerous bonds. .

For You: We Package in Vegetable Capsules:
Vegetable capsules have several advantages over tablets and gel caps. First, they're suitable for vegetarians. Second, they're free of the toxic agents often used in the process of tableting pills or encapsulating gel caps. And third, vegetable capsules dissolve quickly for rapid absorption of all active ingredients.