Natto-K 90

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Enzymedica’s Natto-K contains Nattokinase NSK-SD (shown to break down fibrin), and 12 synergistic enzymes to support cardiovascular health.*

Blood Plasma Tests
Nattokinase has been the subject of 17 studies, including two small human trials. Researchers from JCR Pharmaceuticals, Oklahoma State University, and Miyazaki Medical College tested nattokinase on 12 healthy Japanese volunteers (6 men and 6 women, between the ages of 21 and 55). They gave the volunteers 200 grams of natto (the food) before breakfast, then tracked fibrinolytic activity through a series of blood plasma tests. The tests indicated that the natto generated a heightened ability to support circulation. On average, the volunteers'' ELT (a measure of how long it takes to dissolve a blood clot) dropped by 48 percent within two hours of treatment. 1,2,3

90 Ct.  REGULARLY $62.99- NOTE: This product is not currently available in Canada

1Natto-Traditional Japanese Fermented Soy Beans with Recently Discovered Health Benefits and Novel Industrial Applications, Enzyme Wave, Volume 3, June 2002, Amano Enzyme, Inc., page 2-4.
2 Maruyama M, Sumi H. Effect of Natto Diet on Blood Pressure. JTTAS, 1995.
3 Sumi H, Hamada H, Tsushima H, Mihara H, Muraki H. A novel fibrinolytic enzyme (nattokinase) in the vegetable cheese Natto; a typical and popular soybean food in the Japanese diet. Experientia 1987, Oct 15;43(10):1110-1.
4 Sumi H. Healthy Microbe "Bacillus natto". Japan Bio Science Laboratory Co. Ltd.



Recommended Usage


1 capsule right before bed. For a therapeutic effect, 1 capsule 3 times a day on an empty stomach. More can be taken as needed (up to 6 per day).

Natto-K with nattokinase blend containing NSK-SD® is a particularly potent enzyme formula which may enhance the body’s production of plasmin (the enzyme the body produces to dissolve clots), thus encouraging optimal heart health.*

Nattokinase can be used preventatively and has proven efficacy.*Nattokinase NSK-SD has been the subject of 17 studies, including two human trials.


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