Lynne Phillips: Advocate For Life
"I live in England UK and am a retired high school teacher of physical education and contemporary dance. Since I was a child, I have always believed that health and fitness for life is most important, and should be achieved by a nutritious balanced diet and exercise that is fun and challenging at every stage of life. 
My whole life I have been involved in sports, gymnastics, and dance as a competitor, a coach and a teacher. My aim as a teacher was to encourage and enable students to find an activity they really enjoyed so they would continue to participate into adulthood. 
Personally I have done so many things .. and still do. I swam for my city, played several sports at regional level, climbed mountains, completed two marathons in 1982 and 2012 .. with other runs in between. I reached black belt level in martial arts and have skied down many of the World Series Downhill and Slalom runs! I trained in contemporary dance, Martha Graham technique and now dance at Latin dance events locally and around the world. I have a thriving yoga and vegan community on Instagram where I lead a yoga challenge each week with 50-100 participants, also  I'm learning Spanish and British Sign Language, and I play guitar, piano, percussion and sing. 
I decided to become vegetarian in 1988 and became completely vegan in 2014 when my daughter decided she wanted to. Now i love being vegan, I eat whole food with lots of fruits and vegetables and some grains, seeds and nuts, very little processed food and no fizzy drinks. Being fit for life has meant I can enjoy my retirement and do the things I love doing for as long as possible.  I love to travel and earlier this year I explored New Zealand both North & South Islands, solo in a small camper van. I've also travelled solo to Asia, Africa and Central America and skied in the French Alps the past few years. 
I volunteer with Cancer research UK and with the hearing dogs for the deaf charity, I also lead an exercise class for people over 60 in my local area. I love spending time with my daughters and friends, I enjoy my life and take no medication. Since reading the Fit For Life books I realize that my thoughts and ideas about nutrition, exercise life and health have quite a lot in common with the information provided by Harvey Diamond in his books, I wish I'd found them before and been able to meet him!" - Lynne Phillips