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Colostrum Powder: The Perfect Protein You've Never Tried

What is the difference between colostrum and your typical whey protein? It's all about timing. Your normal whey protein is collected during the cheese making process of milk, and contains some beneficial proteins and nutrients for building muscle. Colostrum is produced by mammals as the first form of milk immediately following the birth of their offspring, and is collected well before the typical milk we are so accustomed to is even in the picture. As the first nutrient  mother nature intended for mammals to consume, Colostrum has to produce a tremendously important and powerful effect on the body, otherwise growth simply couldn’t happen as it should. Think about the different roles this superfood must play in the life of a newborn: providing easily absorbed proteins, nutrients, vitamins and minerals; trucking in the first natural growth factors; calibrating the immune system with genetic ‘data’; providing natural defenses against sickness; giving the first antibodies, enzymes, cytokines and other antimicrobial factors; aiding healing and recovery; and last but not least- strengthening the digestive system.  A detailed job description of what Colostrum actually does lies in the specific nutrients contained in it; unique elements that you won't find in any normal protein powder. But does colostrum only benefit newborns? Absolutely NOT!

Colostrum powder has proven for some time to be a solid immune support for adults. And the more you ask from your body, the more you should be aware of what is needed to help it recover. But when it comes to weight training and muscle building, colostrum is sometimes overlooked in favor of basic protein powders… ones that DONT have the multifaceted array of tools colostrum offers. Far beyond simple protein, Colostrum powder contains growth factors, specifically named insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF) and Transforming-Growth Factors alpha and beta (TGF -a, TGF -b). Why should you care what these are? Growth factors truck nutrients faster into muscle cells and promote tissue growth and repair, support muscle synthesis, and aid in the healing of injuries (including those micro-tears from intense weight training). Quite the edge you'll be lacking with typical protein sources. But it doesn't end with growth factors. Colostrum powder also contains elements called immunoglobulins (IGG and IGA) as well as Polypeptides (PRP) which supercharge your immune system. IGGs are proteins which actively kill foreign bacteria and viruses and are effective antibodies, providing  a natural defense against infection. PRPs on the other hand modulate your natural immune system activity, bringing it up to par if it is fatigued or toning it down if need be. This activity lowers inflammation and toxicity. The powerful immune support that colostrum provides is tremendous for muscle development because the less time you are sick, the more time you have to train uninterrupted, and the more resources you have available for muscle synthesis! But beyond just avoiding sickness, let's consider how these growth and immune factors affect your overall nutrition. Did you know that consistent rigorous exercise creates oxidative stress which over time damages digestive tissues? Most who are on a rigorous weight training regimen with a high protein diet will at some point experience intestinal permeability (leaky gut) and even mild to severe gut infection. No matter how perfect your macros are, you leave a lot of gains on the table if your body isn't able to assimilate the foods you eat. Here is where Colostrum powder shines far beyond just providing a nutrient packed protein source. The Growth Factors in colostrum are especially good at regrowth and repair of the intestinal lining, promoting the healing of digestive tissues and supporting the integrity of the gut barrier. The immune factors discussed earlier (especially PRPs) are very active in the gut as a defense against inflammation, as well as bacterial and parasitic infection, helping balance the microbiome. Studies show significantly decreased permeability of the intestinal lining in athletes who are supplemented with colostrum powder daily. What does all this mean in practice? Unlike most proteins we will consume, Colostrum powder is therapeutic to our system, and improves our ability to digest and assimilate all other foods we will eat by promoting a healthy gut. Compared to mature dairy based milk protein, colostrum has five times the available protein, two times the fat content, and significantly more micronutrients…. notwithstanding three hundred times the immune and growth factors. Colostrum powder is a vehicle packed with muscle building nutrients, which is also somehow able to improve your health by strengthening your immune system across several different metrics, speed up muscle recovery, decrease the toxic byproducts of intense exercise, and  improve your gut health and digestion drastically. Can your protein do that?

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