MucoStop 48

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MucoStop contains a blend of enzymes formulated to break down mucus, which supports the body’s ability to balance histamine levels and alleviate sinus and chest discomfort. The active ingredient in MucoStop, Mucolase™, is a potent mucolytic enzyme that is effective at breaking down mucus. Mucolase, protease and amylase, are blended to assist in overcoming the symptoms often associated with seasonal challenges.

48 Ct. or 12 Ct. "To-Go" Pillbox - NOTE: This product is not currently available in Canada

Recommended Usage

Take 2 capsules 3 times a day on an empty stomach.

Children and sensitive individuals: 1 capsule, 3 times daily on an empty stomach.

Nasal/Sinus Congestion*
Mucus is a beneficial protein created by the body to protect vital organs and bind up pathogens for removal. Many consumers rely on over the counter sinus products that may cause uncomfortable side effects and shut down the body’s immune response. Enzymes offer an opportunity to support the body’s natural immune processes.

MucoStop contains a blend of enzymes to support healthy mucus elimination and respiratory function.* The formula features the active ingredient Mucolase, a proteolytic (protein digesting) enzyme with mucolytic properties, (an ability to target and hydrolyze inappropriate or excess mucus.)

  • Contains exclusive Mucolase™ enzyme 
  • All natural 
  • Non drowsy support

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